Friday, June 18, 2010


Getting very close to a big fat round number here. This chapter idea just occurred to me as I came across an old blog post, which I adapted for Chapter 19:

  • Is This Thing On? -- Just as an actor is “always” auditioning – how you treat the intern signing you in can be as important as how you perform in the audition room – communicators are always “on.” And just as the guy in front of the microphone needs to assume it’s always on, we need to be careful about what we say – in elevators, on Facebook, while blogging – and we even have to watch what we do. It may not be fair, but as Hymen Roth said to Michael Corleone in Godfather II, “This is the business we've chosen.”
I'm feeling good about this chapter (and especially like that I found a place for a Godfather reference). In fact, I like almost all of the others. I don't think there are but one or two that I might end up dumping. And I've got a handful more to write.

In fact, there's some stuff at the top of that blog post that I might turn into another chapter. I've always talked about how young writers especially need to learn as they transition from collegiate writing style to business that words need to be chosen carefully, avoiding those that come loaded with other meanings. And assertions need to be qualified, even watered down.

It isn't pretty, but it's reality.

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