Thursday, May 20, 2010

Technical difficulties

A new casting website has come along that promises to save casting agencies, talent agents, and actors time and headaches by putting all our stuff -- resume, stats, photos, video -- online. There have been several of these over the years, and I've dutifully gone through the process of getting all my stuff up (not to mention the various proprietary sites that some agencies set up on their own).

It's motivated me to update my reel, and most of the day I've been working on doing that. I thought I'd make one for the humorous stuff, one for the spokesman-type stuff and maybe a third all-purpose reel. I got the funny one done, but have just spent most of the afternoon on the rest.

The problem is I've got several good industrials out there that I just haven't gotten physical copies of -- just links to websites. So I've been working today to try to capture them off those sites with various applications I've downloaded. None of them quite fills the bill. The closest I've come are videos where the audio is out of sync.

I've got one last resort, though. A friend of a friend who can supposedly do what I need. Which would be great, because it's been sticking in my freakin' craw for a long time now.

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