Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Insane couple of days. I've had two conference calls and a meeting on a new piece of business where I'll be writing a video script (due Friday), another call on an ongoing project, revised a client document, uploaded a dozen videos to the new casting site, revised my acting resume, discussed site updates with my web person, had an audition, balanced my checkbook, paid my bills, washed the windows, installed the AC units, laundered all the sheets and towels, did body blast class, yoga and two sessions with weights, lunched with a friend, and checked in at a friend's house who I'm housesitting for.

I also completed most of a new chapter of the book, but it's not done yet.

Two-fifths into the work week and I've taken care of three-fifths of my to-do list. Not counting the stuff that will get added.

I always feel like when I have big things to do that require big chunks of time, like this new script, I first have to clear the decks of all the little stuff. So the next couple of days should be really productive.

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