Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Chapters 6, 7 and 8

I spent a pretty relaxed rainy birthday day mostly inside, taking advantage of a lull in work and auditions to focus on writing. I got three more chapters done:
  • Barriers to Communication. The fears, assumptions and lawyers that keep people from communicating. I cite examples from Chris Farley to an old boss who was never afraid to admit he didn't know something.
  • Start with the Audience. I've always talked about effective corporate communications "occupying the intersection between the audience's needs/interests and the organization's goals and priorities." All communication has to begin by directly addressing the anxieties, doubts and misperceptions of the audience. If you don't, you lose them right away. I give a sort of roadmap to figuring that stuff out.
  • Now it's Okay to Talk About Yourself. The followup to the chapter above, and one of the few chapters that's required to appear in a certain order, this one covers the other street at the intersection and provides a formula for developing that part of the content.
That's a lot for a day, though they're short -- about 1800 words altogether. Sort of blog-sized.

I'm moving kind of fast with this for several reasons. First, I want to strike while the proverbial iron is hot. Second, I'm taking advantage of some otherwise slow time, which could get derailed at any minute by client work. Third, I want to get as much under my belt before the forces of negativity conspire to kill it in its tracks.

I know there are tons of obstacles to getting this thing published (I'm not famous, I haven't been published before, I may not have a strong marketing platform, I may not have a good gimmick or brand for the thing, like Writing Rx or From Stage to Page or something), but I'm not going to worry about that now.

Before I even think about looking for an agent or publisher, which requires just an outline and a few sample chapters, I want to get at least two thirds of it done. I need to have a clear handle on what it is myself before I can sell it to someone else.

And, as I've said, I'd be content to self publish or e-publish or blog the thing. I just want to have it, in whatever form. And start spinning things off it and using it to market myself.

So a pretty good day so far. Plus a walk to the lake and skipping the gym for the first time since Easter Sunday. Next up: beer, food, hockey and cake.

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