Tuesday, May 18, 2010

9th Chapter

Knocked out a short chapter today:
  • This Ain't Art ... and you're not Shakespeare. Avoid becoming the Sean Young of corporate communications (difficult to work with). Learn to negotiate and compromise with clients over edits and changes.
It's funny -- in my networking meetings last week people seemed excited about this book idea. But one also said he assumes naturally I've studied what's out there to figure out my marketing niche.

I know that's supposed to be the first step. And, in fact, with the book I'm editing that very issue is a core part of at least one publisher's proposal format: identify similar books in the marketplace and how yours is different. No doubt any publisher would be concerned about this, and I am, too. But I still want to get some more content under my belt before I do too much investigating.

I don't want what others have done to affect my own thoughts. At least not at this stage. I can always go back and retrofit, but right now I want to start with my own vision of things, untainted by outside influences.

It may well be that this very thing has already been done by others. In which case this will just represent my own personal views on well-trod ground. Which is less interesting to people unless I happen to be famous or super well-known in the field, like a David Ogilvy.

So head down for now and full speed ahead. I'm shooting for a three-chapter-a-week pace, which is holding up as pretty realistic for now.

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