Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Workin' it

My Dad used to say that in the Army, if you broke your ankle the doctors would break your arm to take your mind off it.

That's kind of the way all these workouts are going for me. Body Blast, with the dozens and dozens of lunges and squats, cripples me from the hips down, then yoga the next day pulls and stretches everything out. Then I take that jello-muscled feeling into spin the next day and sort of strengthen and sweat everything out. Then to Pilates where I bring it all down to the core, then back to spin and yoga, and weights, and Pilates again and ... well, there you go.

Sometimes it's hard when I've just worked my upper body and they've got me doing damned downward dog 20 or 30 times. Or when I've just done Pilates and the yoga instructor takes a request for core work. Or when Pilates has me working on arms when I just did that the day before with weights.

But either way, I'm feeling really good with all this variety. I feel like I'm working every single muscle and ligament in my body, and often in different ways. I cycle in and out of soreness, burning, and just feeling strong. Best of all, especially since I started Pilates two years ago, I never pull random muscles doing simple things, like reaching behind me or ... doing the worm.

Yup, I can now do the the worm without fear of injury. That makes it all worthwhile.

I don't know how long I can keep up 9 workouts a week -- someday I may have to cut back to the usual 6 or 7, but for right now it feels good.

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