Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend with Stompy

The jury's still out on this guy.

Or guys. I don't know how many people are actually up there. But there's at least one guy, maybe two. Don't know if they're gay or straight. Gay would be better, definitely. They're generally going to be more courteous, I think. And in my informal survey, 2 out of my last 4 upstairs neighbors were gay and they were both quiet.

On the other hand, gay could be problematic if they're the "come in drunk at 5 am after clubbing all night on a Sunday/Monday" types. Or the "have the whole gang over for Sunday brunch" type. Or the type that can't bear to take off their really nice, hard-soled shoes and clomp around. Or the type that blast really bad techno/dance music.

Straight has its own problems, of course. Giant, traditional stereo with floor speakers. Lots of dropping of baseballs, basketballs and other sporting equipment. Really bad classic rock or hip-hop blasting. (And if it's two straight guys, what are they doing in a 1BR?)

I got very contradictory clues this weekend. He or they were up at 8 am vacuuming on Saturday morning. Totally gay. Clearly getting his place "just so," as opposed to hooking up the wide screen, unpacking the remote and using all the unpacked boxes for end tables and coffee tables.

On the other hand, he/they were watching the basketball game yesterday with the sound off and the stereo on, which is a total straight-dude thing to do. ("There's nothing those damned announcers can tell me that I don't already know!")

I guess I'm going to have to just meet them and talk to them or something at some point. Especially if the early vacuuming and the stereo playing keep up.

The best news, though, came this morning, when he/they left, presumably for work, and stayed out all day. All my neighbors before were semi-employed or under-employed or students or houseboys. So it's nice to have a productive member of society up there. So I can be unproductive in peace down here.

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