Tuesday, April 06, 2010


I got released from a potential three-day industrial shoot, which is a shame. I wasn't looking forward to three straight days out of the home/office, but it would have been a decent job. So I'm back to square one with the most recent round of auditions, all of which I'm pretty sure are expired.

On the other hand, I saw myself on TV the other day in the ServiceMagic spot. It was MSNBC, I think. And others have reported sightings -- at a dentist's office in Cincinnati (tuned to Fox), and a dorm room in Virginia.

But back to jobs I didn't get. I auditioned a little a while ago for this:

A whole series of them were shot. It's the audition where I couldn't get out of Keith Olberman mode. When I saw who they cast, I felt better -- clearly they were going for a very traditional anchorman type. This guy could be Tom Brokaw's nephew.

And, in fact, when I googled the actor it turns out that he also had a two-decade career in news broadcasting. So there you go. Not much you can do about that. And congratulations to him.

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