Thursday, April 01, 2010

Booking direct

I got a booking for tomorrow. An industrial -- just a three-hour shoot.

It's in freakin' Barrington, though. I told my agent I'd need an extra $75 for transportation costs (which was crazy, as "demands" go) and they actually raised the rate $150 and threw in another $25. So that was cool. And I'm counting on Good Friday to deliver unto me low traffic volume.

This was a direct booking -- no audition. In fact, three out of my five bookings this year have been direct. It's great on one hand, but usually these are the lower stakes (thus lower paying) gigs. Still, it meets my minimum, in terms of cost/hassle/payoff.

I'm also on check avail for the callback (nee comeback) from earlier in the week. That would be a pretty decent job -- a three day shoot, good money.

So that's somethin.'

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