Friday, April 02, 2010


Navy Pier, Friday morning

I am now up to 9 workouts a week, which is starting to seem excessive. That's two sessions each of Pilates, weights, and spinning, plus a new body blast class, plus last last week I started in with yoga, doing two sessions of that.

Not sure about yoga yet, but I'm giving it a chance. Some things are definitely more difficult than Pilates and others are fairly familiar. Some of the moves really hurt, and others -- like lying flat on your back trying to "clear your thoughts" for a full five minutes -- are kind of a bore.

But I just haven't had the results I was looking for in the first quarter of the year, so I'm looking to step it up. The good thing is, we're getting some decent weather lately, though it's probably more a hiccup than a trend.

I usually don't consider outdoor work like biking or walking as a substitute for the gym. That's more like recreation to me. But now that I have a heart rate monitor I feel like I can get a good workout on the bike. And, in fact, an audition and booking this week prevented me from going to spin class, so I did a couple of hard bike rides, tracking the intensity with the monitor.

Plus, it's soooo beautiful out there. Especially in the morning. I've always loved morning light better than evening light. It just seems richer. I might make a morning ride a regular routine when the weather's good.

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