Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sweet ride

Every rental car should be red. It would make the experience more fun and counteract the frustration of figuring out where the mirror adjuster is and what side the gas tank is on.

The meeting yesterday went great. It's been a while since I've been on a full-fledged employee communications pitch. I mostly do it now, instead of selling it, and it's cool how it all came together from the recesses of my brain and my hard drive.

And this whole storytelling thing I've been on really colored and improved the presentation from the old days. We used to walk through our case studies and go through challenges and tactics and results and stuff. But yesterday I just left that stuff on the slides and told a few of my favorite stories.

Stories about employees feeling engaged for the first time, feeling like they have an important role and feeling good about what they do. That's important stuff. And telling those stories allows me to show some of the passion and energy that goes into the work, which is way compelling than facts and figures.

There are a lot of people in the marketplace offering the same skills and services, but in business (and theater and likely most other settings), people like to work with people they like. People who are easy to get along with, passionate, fun and energetic. People who share their values.

So it was a good day. It would be nice to get the business, but even more importantly it was a great opportunity to pitch with this agency, which I admire a lot. I've had my eye on them for a while now and I'd love to do some work with them.

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