Tuesday, March 09, 2010


When I first started doing on-camera stuff and I'd go through a period of no auditions I assumed that I'd suddenly fallen into disfavor with my agents.

Later I learned that it had little to do with the talent agents. It's the casting agencies that make the decisions. So I assumed I'd done something to piss them off.

Then I learned to calm down, and accept the fact that things run in cycles. For the same reason that I may be auditioning for five different jobs that all shoot the same week, sometimes I go through a stretch with no auditions at all.

So I stopped worrying too much about it -- or at least I stopped taking it personally -- and sure enough, every dry spell is followed by opportunities raining down.

Until this one. This one has weirded me out. Three auditions in almost seven weeks? Crazy. In spite of the fact that I've had four bookings already this year, it was starting to nag at me.

Then last night I went to this monthly industry meet-up and talked to some others about it. This one friend said that one of the interns over at the big casting agency said it's been really, really slow lately. Slow enough that they've been sending the interns home because they don't have enough to do.

So that's good news. (In a way.) It's still very strange that throughout this recession I've experienced steady growth in auditions, jobs and income and just as the economy is supposed to be poised to recover, things grind to a halt. But at least I know it's not me.

One thing I can do is make the most of this time. There's a great on-camera class that I've always thought of taking but never have. This may be the time. Of course, by the time it starts things will probably be hopping again, but that's just the way it is. This will be good for me, in a lot of ways. There's still plenty to learn, and I really miss this stuff.

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