Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Money --> mouth

In gratitude for the health care vote, I just fired off (small) contributions to my congressman, to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and to my old boss, who's running for Senate in Ohio.

Then since I was on a mini-roll, I sent some money to a filmmaker I know who's a good guy, a respected artist AND has his shit together business-wise, so that I know whatever I give will be used productively.

I was just in a mood. I've been asking for a lot lately, reaching out to a lot of people -- for networking, for information, for leads, etc. I felt like it was time to do some giving.

Not that I'm super-flush right now. Things have been a little .... recessioney lately. But I think on that score, too, it's especially important, since everybody's in the same boat, to put something out there, whether or not it comes back.

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