Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Elaborate spectacle(s)

It's time for new glasses. I've had the current ones for eight years and two sets of lenses and I think they're just about done.

I'd love to just pop into FourEyes or LensCrafters, try on a couple of frames, pick one and make off with the lucrative discount. But that's for the casual glasses wearer. If I needed mine only for driving or movie watching, I'd do it that way, too.

But these are more than eyeglasses. They are pretty much a permanent part of my face. They have to match the landscape. They have to be distinctive yet also blend in. I don't want to be "glasses guy." I don't want giant Martin Scorcese frames that dominate my face, if not the room.

And I don't want them to be cheap. Check that. I don't want them to look cheap. I'd be fine if they were cheap as long as they didn't appear that way, but that rarely works out. As a regular glasses wearer I can usually spot cheap, ill-fitting frames on people. And it's not just because the frames are cheap, it's because the people at the cheap stores aren't very good at finding the right frames for people.

I'd love to find a bargain, but it rarely works out. Beyond the frames I have to get all sorts of bells and whistles. High-density (ultra-thin) lenses so they don't look like coke bottle bottoms and anti-reflective coating, which camera and lighting guys love but which I always got before I started acting, because I'm vain. Etc.

Making it more complicated is that the glasses are almost part of my personal brand. My professional brand, actually, when it comes to acting. Lots of people remark on them, but casting people seem to especially like them. So whatever I get needs to continue to get me those jobs that cry out for "hip architect" or "slightly left-of-middle business executive" or "upscale urban guy."

So I think the top ones are the winner. Unless I see something else. On the way to robbing a bank.

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