Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Choosy mother

I seem to be in the business mainly of turning down auditions lately.

Sometimes I get called directly from local production companies and I've become more and more leery about doing those jobs. First, I've been burned in the past, mainly by being underpaid. Second, I've learned there's an element of quality control that comes with a job that's cast through a casting agency and talent agents.

It shows, first of all, that a client is willing to invest a modicum of serious money into the process. And while money doesn't necessarily translate into quality, doing things on the cheap can be very dangerous. Going through these channels also implies a certain respect for the whole production process. It means you're taking it seriously by getting the help of professionals.

Finally, I think the big casting agencies generally have their own filter. That is, they're usually going to work mainly on higher quality projects.

All that said, I turned down the audition. The money for the job was on the minimal side, though it was a two-t0-three-day booking, which would boost the total fee to something respectable. And this is hardly the kind of economy where I should be turning down potential income.

But again, I think it's a matter of respect. Respecting myself, respecting the work. And helping ensure that my image isn't used on some cheesy, late-night cable commercial that runs for decades.

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