Monday, March 15, 2010

Buyer's remorse?

Okay, I ordered them. There they are. They'll look a little different with actual prescription lenses in them (for one thing, my eyes will shrink to about half or two-thirds their size).

Not sure they pass the test of being cool without being obnoxiously so (like the crazy ones Robin Williams wears). Might have erred a little too far toward the conservative side.

Amazingly (to myself), this will be only sixth pair of glasses I've owned as an adult. There are the current ones, of course, which got me through most of the '00s:

Before that, my German rocket scientist glasses. These were ridiculously expensive. Including the clip-on sunglasses, $1,110. But they were cool. German made, actually, and based on an antique design. I had very little peripheral vision, though. And I think they made me look older.

Before that, it was these big ol'-round ones. I actually think I went through three pairs of these, so maybe my count is off. Together those got me through a decade, at least.

But glasses weren't quite the fashion item they are these days. Nobody back then bought frames with clear lenses just because they liked the look of glasses or owned seven or eight pairs to match with different outfits.

Of course, speaking of fashion, none of them were as bad as these.

That was the basic look through college and high school.

Yup, I was a real late bloomer.

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