Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Well, auditions have been super-sparse, but at least I've got a booking for tomorrow.

It's a print job, and the pay's okay. It could be better, depending on how they decide to use the work. But at least I didn't have to audition for it. And it's, you know, in this state. So it's got that going for it.

I'm just glad to have something. Seriously, I've had three auditions in six weeks. That's insane. I guess I could have had a couple of more if I hadn't turned them down.

So in preparation for tomorrow I went through my auditions folder, where I keep breakdowns and scripts until such time as a callback or booking is no longer a reasonable possibility. I tore up a lot of paper, and have just one left. And I'm keeping that one only because the casting director said they really, really wanted me. Even that one will expire in a week or two.

It's weird how quickly I've adjusted my mindset. In the past few years, anytime I schedule something-- business meeting, doctor's appointment, even a booking -- I'm always concerned right away that an audition will come up and I'll have to work around it or cancel.

Already in just the past couple of weeks I've been scheduling stuff with barely a worry. Not auditioning feels like the default situation. I'm sure it will pass, as it always does. But this time it feels really different.

And to be honest? In some ways it's nice. More time, less stress, the ability to focus more on client work and marketing. Still, it feels odd when the only time you've gone out in 48 hours is to the gym.

So I'm going to just take this as a positive, things-happen-for-a-reason thing, and just roll with it. Juussssst watch me roll ...

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