Monday, February 08, 2010

Whoa, nelly

Real audition dry spell here. IF I happen to get an audition Wednesday, which is the soonest possible date for one, it will be THREE WEEKS between auditions. I can't remember the last time that happened. Nothing since January 20.

Now I suppose I should qualify that. Not exactly nothing. I had a booking in there, which is better than an audition. And I actually had a chance at an audition last week, but I kinda got screwed. Or I screwed myself.

When an agent calls they give you a slot that the casting agency has already assigned you. You're not supposed to ask to change it, and I don't ... usually. Sometimes I have genuine conflicts -- another audition or booking going on at the same time. That's pretty much all they consider a "genuine" conflict.

Sometimes I have a business meeting. But again, that's not quite what they'd call legitimate since your primary business is supposed to be always being available for auditions.

Sometimes it's just super-inconvenient for me. Like I don't want a noon audition if I'm also auditioning at 3:30 -- not enough time to get home and back but too much time to sit around downtown.

And sometimes, just sometimes, um ... I have a Pilates or Spin class I really, really don't want to miss. That, I'm pretty sure, is an unacceptable excuse.

So I don't ask for a change often. And when I do they usually have other options to choose from. But this time they didn't, apparently. It turns out, I learned later on, that it was either 12:15 or 12:40, and nothing else. I couldn't quite believe it. Rarely is the time range of options so narrow. So they never called back with a new time.

Oops. At least it wasn't a big ol' SAG thing. But still, had I known I had no other choice, I would have just sucked it up and, um ... rescheduled that appendectomy for another time.

But just as predicted, the law of averages are punishing me for my good January.

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