Monday, February 22, 2010


Back to that audition. I freakin' had the name of my character's pet goldfish when he was a kid. I had a haiku composed! Here it is (the client's in the home repair/cleaning/etc. business):
Carpet, dear carpet
With a stroke of my steam wand
This stain shall not stand
I know, I know. Hauntingly beautiful. And vaguely dirty.

Some people speculated that with so many of us called back, they were just looking to collect bits. I hope not. Whoever got it, I think it has the potential to turn into one of those recurring characters, like the "Can you hear me now" guy or the Progressive lady. We'll see.

The fish's name? Dazzler. Because he was so clean. (Not that we allowed him in the house, of course. Fish splash.)

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