Friday, February 19, 2010

Oh, I think I'm gonna barf! [/Fargo accent]

So those two auditions the other day? The first one was a conventional host/narrator role for a commercial, pretty much up my alley. Friendly, credible, etc. Able to interact with stuff in the background and flying graphics and things. I get the sense that they really want me for the role. In fact they kinda said as much. So that's nice.

But the bigger thing was the other audition. It would be a killer gig. Multiple national commercials, shot in LA, under the direction of a Hollywood pro with an improv and television background. I thought if I had any chance at all it would come from my improv and not my look or even my performance. But I made up some pretty funny shit, and then I was stunned to get a callback. More than a callback, they put me on right of first refusal. Ulp!

So I'm feeling pretty special -- as special as you can feel when your insides have turned to pulp. But then today I go in and there's one other guy there. Still feeling pretty good about my chances. Then another shows up, then another. Ultimately it's like one of those clown cars -- a 30-minute window with 8 guys trying to fit into it.

Plus the director is videoconferencing from New York, where they've been auditioning people live. They likely looked at some LA people, too. Oh, well. Someday I'd love to shoot in LA or NY instead of exotic Des Moines and Ft. Wayne and Columbus. Someday ...

I did feel good about the additional material I came up with. We were interviewed in character so I had hours and hours of backstory developed over the past couple of days. I knew this guy's name, what his parents did for a living, his favorite color, favorite movies, favorite food, worst and best moments, childhood memories, ultimate dream, dating history, etc. Some of what I delivered was "planned" improv, but a good deal of it was actual improv-improv.

I think I could hear some laughing, but it was hard to tell. I'm just looking into a camera lens, not the monitor they're on ...

Anyway, enough thinking about that. Nothing good can come of it. It's nice, though, to audition with truly funny scripts. And cool to get in front of this guy.

Now beer me.

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