Friday, February 12, 2010

I need a mulligan

Seriously, auditioning would be so much better if you cold come back 15 minutes later and do it again. There is no clarity like the clarity you get after you leave the room -- the crystal clear understanding of what you did wrong and what you didn't do at all.

It pisses me off, because I prepare and prepare and prepare, but there's just no way to prepare for being open and spontaneous and in the moment. Well, I suppose there is. But I even told myself: be open, be flexible, be ready to go in any direction they ask, and when you go that direction, go all the fucking way. And for chrissakes, RELAX!!!!!

Yet still, I'm standing there in the concrete shoes -- stuck, stuck, stuck! They give you 4 or 5 things to do and you maybe do 3 of them.

And, I've really got to learn to do Bill Curtis. This is the second time I've been told to try it "Bill Curtis-style." And I start okay, but then I get caught up and suddenly I'm all Keith Freakin' Olberman eating the camera and booming my voice.

Long freakin' week.

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