Friday, February 26, 2010

From the cutting room floor

There I was, just poking around the Internets, when I came across this: an extended version of my commercial for Central Bank.

Hilarious. That whole second half, where I'm pulling stuff out for him to sign, is the new stuff. I had no idea what I was doing. They just kept the camera rolling and I just made shit up until I finally ran out of props and went with that tattoo gun line.

My improv is not the best. You can sorta see the wheels turning as I'm thinking, "Banana ... what the hell to say about this banana ... "

Of course, the coach was long gone by then. They were trying to make judicious use of his time so they edited in various reaction shots of him looking at me like I'm a jackass, which I'm pretty sure he didn't have to fake. And looking at it now, I think that actually helped me a lot. Whether he was "in character" or that was the real him, he's a pretty intimidating guy. So it was a lot easier telling the production dude standing in for him to be careful with my bagel toaster, for instance.

I'm just glad it was preserved somewhere. I had no idea they were using it.

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