Monday, February 01, 2010

Driving me crazy

After many, many sighting by others of my DePaul ad on buses and trains, causing me to always crane my neck and scan the ads, from one end of the bus or car to the other, I finally got on a DePaul bus Saturday night!

It was all DePaul, all bus long, front to back. Multiple, multiple ads. None of them, however, featuring me. Four or five other people, but no me. Gah!

And just to rub it in, I saw the very same bus go down Belmont again later that night. And then, at the end of the night riding home, I got that same bus yet AGAIN. Same bus! Three damn times. (I suppose it's conceivable that several different ones on the same line were similarly outfitted, but I doubt it.)

I am contemplating just parking myself on a bench on a popular bus line for a few hours and inspecting every bus that goes by. If I thought the CTA or the ad agency would have any idea on which buses and trains the ads were deployed, I'd try that route.

Not sure why it excites me so, but it just does.

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