Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Doing lines

Hmmm ... there must be another way to phrase that.

Back-to-back auditions tomorrow -- in the same location, actually, so nice to get it all done at once. But lots of lines. Four different short scripts for one (actually 8, if you count the shortened 15-second versions), and one whole long page (2 minutes worth) for the other.

One is looking for improv skills, an "everyman, middle-American, blue collar-ish" (oops). Also "a good guy, doesn't have a mean bone in his body (double-oops), patient and incredibly understanding (yikes!)" Finally, "eccentric, but interesting, with good comic timing." In addition to multiple scripts, I have to be prepared to be interviewed, in character. So I'm boning up on the product and the brand and creating a whole backstory -- parents, upbringing, education, favorite food and color, dreams, goals, best day, etc.

For the other one I have to be "intelligent, charming, witty, likable, energetic, comfortable, relaxed, contemporary, attractive, believable, persuasive and comfortable in my own skin." Plus a bunch of other stuff about being nimble in working with people and copy and stuff flying all around me. Wardrobe: professional but hip.

I really feel like I blew my last couple, so more than getting cast I just want to redeem myself with the casting directors. So prepare, prepare, prepare. Then relax and let it go. And be open, flexible and, um, "nimble," as they say.

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