Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy endings


So it worked out fine. As usual, expecting the worst is the way to go. Yes, I sat on my ass for the first 3 hours (then through lunch), but when I went on I knocked my shit out bing-bang-boom. We had lines, which was a surprise until 10 pm last night, and we had to deliver them like it was spontaneous conversation, interview style.

Another surprise: they picked a few of us for a still photo shoot, which added some money to the job. We did 100 photos and I think they got 96 usable ones and it took about 10 minutes. The photographer gave me a few props to interact with -- coffee mug, phone, pen -- and was really happy and relieved. Apparently someone couldn't figure out how to hold a pen naturally, which reminded me of the 30 Rock episode where Jack Donaghy is on camera and has no idea what to do with his arms.

So I got out of there in 5 hours instead of the dreaded 10. And I had my laptop and my kindle anyway, so I got stuff (Facebooking mostly) done.

And I've had unbelievable traffic luck, both today and yesterday. No traffic jams at all. I lost a hubcap somewhere, but Budget didn't charge me for it. And they waived the fee for extending the reservation.

Two pretty good days doing good work and doing it well. Tonight I shall sleep the sleep of the dead. Until by 10 am audition.

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