Thursday, January 07, 2010

Good day

First off, I got called back for yesterday's audition. And the snow wasn't even that bad to get through.

Second, when I got to the casting agency, the Gordman's people were in the back room auditioning people for their next round of commercials. One of the agents told me to go on back and say hi to them. That was really cool, and it was fun to see them again. Obviously they can't use me again (at least, not so soon).

Third, someone pointed to the big TV over the reception desk that runs spots the agency has cast. "That's you, Rob!" And it was. They were running my Central Bank commercial. I'd left a CD with a bunch of my spots with an intern and he just looked at me like I was handing him swine flu or something, so I'm glad they got them.

Finally, the callback seemed to go pretty well. It was all MOS (no sound), so it was about facial expressions. There were four of us there, but at the end of our bit, the director asked if they could focus in on me for a few shots. That was funny.

Then after I left the room, they called me back in to look at me for a different role. This time without glasses. And they spent a good bit of time with me.

So that's cool. Who knows what will happen. I was all low blood sugary and weirdly jittery so I might have messed it up, but a good afternoon nonetheless.

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