Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The dark side

I had another booking today -- my third already in this brand new year -- and they had me darken my hair. I guess it's a compliment to my skills that instead of casting someone more age-appropriate to couple with the 31-year-old wife, they wanted instead to just youthanize (heh) me.

And actually, I've done two other commercial spots for these guys -- Winestyles and Woodfield Mall. So they knew me, and they seem to like me. In fact, I could barely make the audition and they sort of went out of their way to get me in.

Also, I knew them, too. This is the kind of commercial that could be really, really cheesy, but I feel like I was in good hands based on their past work. Okay, the Woodfield one was a little cheesy, but I think they were working under some limitations there that didn't have a lot to do with them.

And one thing that was REALLY cool with this shoot: they were actually doing "live" edits, right there in real time. They'd pick the best takes and then link each scene with the next in a rough cut so they and the client could really see what they were getting. And it helped us a lot with continuity in transitions. Very, very cool.

Anyway, the dying. Crazy. They had me go to the drugstore and get this temporary "rinse" that shampoos out. I did it this morning, but it still didn't cover up all the gray. So they used mascara around the sides! And on the beard. THAT was a little harder to wash out.

I think I look how my alter ego might appear in that Star Trek episode where everyone had an "evil twin" in a parallel universe (including Spock with a devilish goatee).

So once again, a chance to do my job and do it well and please everyone, including the client. It'll start airing nationally next month so I'll even get to see myself on TV again.

At this rate, I should have 36 bookings this year. Which I know won't happen. More likely, this will be my last booking until April.

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