Monday, January 18, 2010

Back to back

I was driving home from Waukesha today when my agent called to confirm that other booking for tomorrow. So two gigs, two days. And it worked out well enough that I just decided to keep my car for a second day to save myself a long Green Line ride out to Oak Park with 20 lbs. of wardrobe.

Hell, if I'd known earlier I wouldn't have bothered washed my makeup off.

As always, I love doing things I'm pretty good at. I've got this host/narrator/spokesman role down pretty well -- exuding confidence and warmth and bringing the script to life.

When you show up for a job and don't know the crew, you can tell they're thinking, "Is this a-hole gonna be trouble? Is he gonna make my job harder?" And it's nice to exceed their expectations. To get them through their day smoothly, relatively stress-free and well ahead of schedule.

I sense that tomorrow, on the other hand, will be a clusterfuck. Last minute, not too friendly sounding, and lots and lots of actors. My favorite jobs are when I'm the only actor. That way there's almost no sitting around waiting. You're always on camera, always doing stuff. Tomorrow sounds like one of those 1-hour on, 2-3 hours sitting around, rinse, repeat.

But we'll see. Things usually turn out opposite from my expectations. And maybe I'll meet some fun people and/or see some old friends. At least I don't have to get up at 4:45 again!

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