Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Great audition opportunity today. Big company, big paycheck, shoots in LA. Best of all, it was a genuinely funny script.

And I screwed the pooch. I just wasn't getting it right. I'm very good at doing "natural" and I'm good at "confident/reassuring" and not bad at "goofy." But I don't seem to be very good at total deadpan. Bringing it all the way down to almost nothing. I just can't seem to help myself. Maybe that's not my thing. Or maybe I just need to take some more training.

It's almost like it takes more energy and power to underplay like that. To contain yourself to just before the point of breaking. I don't know.

Plus I was just doing stupid things -- missing my cue, looking the wrong way, etc.

There was a second part of the audition for a different spot, which called for a goofy/crazy guy along the lines of my Gordmans thing. Something I'm actually just right for. But by that time, it may have been too much of a lost cause. They probably will have already fast-forwarded through my whole audition to see it.

Then, in a story that just keeps repeating itself, including here on this blog, I went to another audition -- lower profile, lower pay, etc. -- and probably nailed it.

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