Friday, December 04, 2009


Nothing like a SAG audition to put you in your place comparison-wise. For one friend, this was his fourth audition, of the day. Another had two auditions and a booking today. Nuts!

It just goes to show that there's always somebody doing better than you, just as there's always someone doing worse. And, in truth, you can never really know exactly how anyone's doing. Someone may have lots of auditions, but few bookings. Someone may be on TV all the time but get nothing else. Then, of course, there's the quiet guy who books so much he makes a living off it but you'd never know it. Until you get out spread sheets with dollar figures (and wouldn't it be nice if we could?) there's no reason to worry and judge yourself.

Anyway, people I run into often remark on how busy I am and how much I book, and I sorta brush it off, because, a) I'm sure it looks that way because I Facebook and blog about it ALL the time, and b) I know there are tons of people doing better, and who probably don't go shooting their mouths off about it.

Regardless, I was glad to have my first audition in just over two weeks. And the fact that the director is a Hollywood big shot and it involves multiple days in LA in December? Well, that's all up there in the "too good to work out so don't spend a moment fretting over it" category.

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