Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Seriously. Nine-plus hours of sleep last night. What am I, a college student?

Taking it easy on the food and drink and going out has helped. (It's amazing how much more restful an uninterrupted night of sleep can be.) That was one killer long holiday weekend.

At the same time, I spent more time alone with my brother over 48 hours than I probably spent in the past 4 years. And that's not even counting the sleeping in the same hotel room part. Though I can't say we had many deep discussions, it was nice just hanging out.

I've been looking at Christmas fares home -- I can't believe how ridiculously soon it's coming -- and they're mercifully cheap this year compared to the past couple, which is interesting. I think I'm going to stay an extra day. Three is usually my maximum limit, but I haven't been back all year long and it seems like the very least I can do.

So three weeks to rest until the madness begins again. Interrupted by the occasional holiday events and festivities here and there. Including a 10 pm concert tonight. Insanity!

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