Saturday, December 12, 2009


The Museum of Contemporary Art isn't my favorite museum. Much of the stuff I either don't like or don't understand. But every exhibit I go to has at least a few things that really resonate with me, and that's enough to make the experience worthwhile.

Like today. Most of what I liked I either couldn't photograph or do justice to in a description, but my favorites are the ones you can directly interact with. This darkened, black-walled room with glowing strands of elastic strung in a grid pattern, so you feel like you're in one of those 3D computer modeling programs. Or in your own personal game of Tron.

Also that thing above. Very creepy. A grim row of covered "bodies," like the makeshift morgues you see at bombing sites. The amazing thing is that each piece is carrara marble. The draping effect of the "fabric" is beautifully done.

And, of course, the Calder cat. I love this guy and want him in my home.

But the best part of the MCA is that even if you don't find any art you like, the building is a work of art itself. It got a lot of criticism when it opened, and I agree that that exterior is ... I don't know the precise architectural term, but let's just say "ugly." From the inside, though, it's a great space for art, the views out the giant windows to the lake and Michigan Avenue are stunning and, best of all, this awesome, awesome staircase knocks me out every time.

It seems so fanciful compared to the rest of the building, which is so spare and minimalist.

Go art.

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