Wednesday, December 16, 2009


At Monday night's seminar, in addition to lots of substantive information and advice, we were given some very important basics that would seem basic to any adult but apparently aren't, based on the clueless actors that apparently show up for auditions. Things like: be on time for your audition (neither late nor too early); know what you're auditioning for; have your script memorized; and don't blame your agent for your fuck-ups.

So not 48 hours later I show up for my 3 pm audition and ... it turns out the audition is tomorrow. At least it's 3 pm tomorrow, so I wasn't totally, totally off. I was actually pretty ticked. This is not a good time a year to waste an hour-and-a-half out of your day in which you could have been doing other stuff.

But I didn't blame my agent. At least not to the casting people. I called my agent and blamed them. An intern had called me the other day and gave me these choices of times: Wednesday at 11:40, 2:45 or 3:00 and Thursday at 1:15 or 3:00. I call back and say, "I'll take the 2:45 Wednesday." She says the 2:45 isn't available anymore, but 3:00 works, so I say yes. Yes, to 3:00 Wednesday, I presumed. Not a safe presumption, apparently.

Urgh. So they couldn't take me, naturally, because the schedule was packed and so I got back on the bus and headed home and have now flipped my whole schedule around tomorrow and am planning various cabs and other schemes to fit everything in.

But worst of all, I look like one of the dorks he just lectured us about.

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