Monday, December 07, 2009

Do not mess with pizza night

Sunday, obviously, is pizza night.

It shouldn't even need explaining, but Friday and Saturday are no good for pizza, because you're likely going to be going out and it's hard to get your groove on when you've eaten 5-6 pieces of pizza. And weeknights are out, since weeknights are for healthy eating, not gluttony.

But I had no pizza last night and I was out of sorts all day. There could be many reasons. Work, relationships, family, financial, etc. But I just realized it's because I didn't get to start the week with pizza.

I did make up for it, somewhat, by eating an almost entire bag of Tostitos on my own. (Which may also explain the funk -- bad carb overload.)

So I'm gonna have a pizza, damnit. Even though it's Monday. What the hell -- it's the holidays.

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