Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Super-scary fake ex-girlfriends

Not sure what it is, but it seems 3 out of 10 Chicago women are near dead-ringers for my most recent ex. I guess she was kind of "with it," fashion-wise, so there are just tons and tons of little dark-haired women wearing the same style dresses, hairstyles and sunglasses.

At one point I was thinking of starting a photo blog documenting all the lookalikes of her I see. But then I thought that would be pretty weird. And difficult to explain to the women whose pictures I would be taking.

But the scariest moment came in Pilates class a few weeks ago. This woman walked in and I didn't just do a double-take. I did a triple-take ending in a long, hard stare. I seriously couldn't believe it wasn't her. Same hair, same glasses, same facial structure, same general body type, same voice, same mannerisms. It was scary.

And, of course, I suppose in response to the goofy look I was giving her, she gave me a great big happy smile back just like she knew me. That compounded my momentary confusion, but in retrospect I should have realized that the ex hadn't looked at me like that since about month four of an almost two-year relationship.

In fact, I was so spellbound by her, it wasn't until the third class together that I noticed one little difference between the two. Pilates girl has only one arm.

If only they all had some such telltale sign to distinguish them, my days would be a lot less eventful.

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