Thursday, November 05, 2009

Slow week

Sunset, Magnolia & Dickens

Wow, everything seemed to come crashing to a halt this week. No auditions at all (and it looks like the time has passed for the last few auditions to amount to something concrete). And work projects mostly concluded or on hold or at a stopping point.

I wish I was better at turning times like these into opportunities to maybe get ahead on things or even to just do fun stuff I almost never do, like go to the movies or lunch in the middle of the day. I need to do that more. I might find myself down the road in a place where I don't have those kinds of options.

I did have a couple of new business/marketing meetings -- just talking to some people at some companies that I may or may not do work with at some point. That's something at least.

It's odd for the two sides of my life to kind of "trough out" at once. Usually there's something going on with one or the other. Maybe I need a third thing. I guess theater was sort of that third thing. It needs to be marketing, so these lulls are fewer and far between.

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