Thursday, November 19, 2009


Back in Ohio, I played on two softball teams. On one team I was a starter, playing 5 or 6 innings every time. I did great -- lots of runs, lots of hits, etc.

On the other team (coached, perhaps not so coincidentally, by my boss), I never started, playing, at most, two innings per game. That's just one at-bat -- sometimes none at all, if the team's doing poorly. I hardly ever got a hit or got on base.

Same thing in Chicago. For my team in the PR League, I played a lot (again, not so coincidentally, I was one of only a couple of VPs who participated). In the Advertising League, once again, I was a late-game substitute. Same poor results.

That's how I've been feeling with these random, scatter-shot auditions lately. I'm not doing enough of them, or enough good ones, to really hit a stride and do well. Like this morning, I had the dreaded first audition of the day -- 9:10 am, which is crazy early for acting. That's a tough spot because they're not even sure always what they're looking for until they've seen a few people and at least know what they're not looking for.

That's always the worst, after you've left the room and are gathering your things and chatting with people and the casting director comes out and says, "Okay, everybody, I know it's early, but we need to see a LOT of energy!" or "Hey, everyone, we're looking for SUBTLE here -- don't go so big!" I seriously had that energy note after a first-of-the-day audition and the casting guy actually turned to me and said, "No offense -- not talking about you!" Yeah.

Anyway, this morning was just eh. Two takes, not a ton of instruction or notes or adjustments. In and out by 9:12. This is another good reason to do theater -- so you're always working and "in the zone."

I don't know how major league pinch hitters do it. Or relievers. I need to be IN the game, constantly to really perform.

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