Thursday, October 29, 2009

Postscripts and Addenda

That law firm project I didn't get? I checked in with them, the way we used to do at the PR firm when we didn't win a pitch, and found that it was one of the three things I suspected. They picked a lawyer to do their writing. Well, someone described as a "lawyer/writer."

Again, plenty of lawyers are good writers. But I'm guessing he (or she) isn't going to break any new ground for them. And actually I've found, especially with small and medium-sized firms, that their goal is not to stand out from the rest. Rather, they want to blend in. They want to approximate the look, tone and feel of the big firms.

This is all generalization. There are big firms that do some cutting-edge stuff, for sure. I've stolen ideas from the best of them. Anyway, I'll be interested to monitor their site to see how it turns out.

That Farmer Ted audition? I got a callback. Go figure. I just felt I was so far off type, even though they weren't looking for a "typical" farmer, but a more modern, business-savvy grower. But I didn't even have the modern farmer wardrobe. No "work shirt" (whatever that is) or "denim shirt" or "light canvas jacket" or ballcap. To say nothing of my hair, my glasses, my build, etc., etc.

But I actually felt in the audition like they enjoyed what I was doing. It was all MOS (without sound), so it was just me, getting up in the morning and surveying the land with looks of pride, satisfaction, wonder, excitement, etc. The feedback I got in the room was pretty positive (which doesn't always mean anything), but I usually do pretty well with that kind of thing.

I still don't think I'll get it, but I'll go back out and give it the ol' ag-school try.

That book I'm editing? We've been moving along at a fairly decent clip, chapter by chapter. We've done a few chapters a couple of times as he's changed direction on his vision and such. Pretty normal stuff. We're a little behind -- about halfway done -- but now he's hitting a roadblock, with massive stuff happening at his firm. Good stuff, but the kind that's not so conducive to sitting down and banging out chapters.

So, to keep the project going I proposed I start taking up more of the writing. I think I can capture his style and tone pretty easily. The tricky part will be finding time to draw the substance out of his head so I can organize it and get it down on paper. Or screen.

Chug-chug-chugging along ...

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