Friday, October 02, 2009


On top of everything else in my "Welcome Home & Fuck You" from Chicago, last night I sliced a couple of key fingers (right hand) wide open, and lost the glass carafe to my blender in the process. The blood was everywhere. I'm gonna say I lost a full quart. Sticklers for detail might put it closer to a teaspoon or two, but when it's coming out of your body and onto your recently cleaned kitchen, it feels like a lot.

Other than that, I'm doing considerably better than when I got home. I'd have to be, wouldn't I? Or otherwise I'd be swinging from a noose. I'm going to chalk it up partly to the things I mentioned, but mostly to fatigue.

That was a tiring trip. Someone who'd seen my agenda suggested I slow it down a little and relax. But I get plenty of relaxation as it is. I work at home, pretty much set my own hours and have absolutely no one depending on me for anything. So what I was looking for was not relaxation but experience. And adventure.

And I had that-a-plenty. So much so that I really only got a few hours of sleep a night. Maybe 7 once, but mostly 6 or even less. Minus all the energy expended hiking and cavorting and driving and fretting.

So I'm feeling better. To an extent. I think one thing I need to do is a media blackout. Or at least a TV news blackout. It's really, really distressing. Anyone who still believes the media has a liberal bias is an idiot. The media has a conflict bias. Conflict = story, and that will always be their focus. If they can't find it, they create it. The current storyline is Obama and the Dems are in big trouble (and I can imagine what they're saying about the Olympic loss right now -- probably writing his epitaph).

Anyway, this is the story of the moment and they will continue to focus on it until gets old (or healthcare passes) and then the pendulum will swing and they'll snap back into a completely opposite (and just as shallow and ludicrous) storyline -- Obama as miracle worker. Because nuance and gray area and substance are too complicated and time-consuming to cover in between updates on YOUR HEALTH and MONEY MATTERS and GETTING FIT.

So I've been threatening to switch from GMA to NPR and I just might do it. I just need batteries for the stereo remote.

Hopefully that, and recovering use of those digits, will make things a little brighter.

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