Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Natural Born Weasel

I think I found my calling. The role of slippery/smarmy weasel seems to fit me perfectly.

I've been trying forever -- or at least two-and-a-half years -- to get this video. I finally got it through the actor who played the judge (not in my edited version). I recall it being a fun gig. It was training for a company's partners and based on an actual case of malfeasance of some sort.

The guy playing the lawyer is an actual lawyer, and his grilling really helped with my motivation. (I think I'm the case study in what NOT to do -- both in business and on the stand.)

I don't think it's anything I could use for my commercial reel. Most people are casting for happy, upbeat types. But who knows?

Meantime, I was hellaciously ill for about 24 hours there. But I went back to bed this morning, showered and am feeling almost half human.

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