Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mini-me and me

My pal Matt got his copy of the bank spot we (sorta) did together. He was with the football coach:

Funny stuff. I like his better. Well, I like his performance better than mine.

I like the gags on mine better. But the more I see it, the more I think of things I wish I'd done differently. Little things that probably nobody else would notice. Like the way I say "this here" over and over. And "uh."

I think that's just due to the loose nature of the script. We were both ad-libbing and improvising and paraphrasing and shucking and jiving and ... anyway, we were encouraged to do all that, but what happens sometimes is the language doesn't come out as precisely or elegantly as you'd like. Also, again because of the ad-libbing, the cut to the "Titanic" line is not very smooth. That one probably only I would notice.

Oh, well. I think they got a couple of really good spots out of us. And it's nice to be on the same team. I just barely beat him out for the crazy Des Moines spot, and he was totally kicking himself. Or kicking me.

Speaking of Des Moines, they had a couple of extras there for the background. I'd assumed they were just regular ol' civilians, but this one girl said she was an actress -- and even had representation in Des Moines. Go figure! Anyway, she was surprised to learn that they went all the way to Chicago to find us instead of using local talent.

I guess that's something I take for granted when people come from Detroit and Kansas City and Louisville and Omaha and places like that to cast Chicago actors. I assume they have no actors there at all. They probably actually do, as they apparently do in Des Moines. They just don't use them for the big stuff.

Because, as I think I off-handedly answered to this Iowa actress, "we're prettier." (It was a long day.)

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