Saturday, October 17, 2009

Lost Weekend

The good news is I booked another job. The bad news: I fly to Iowa tonight and spend tomorrow there shooting. Bleh. (I've found Frommer's USA has no chapter on Iowa or even a page on Des Moines.)

The pay isn't extraordinary. Less than half of what I made yesterday for a four-hour shoot in Milwaukee. But it's one of those that I'm glad I got because it just felt really, really right from the very start of the audition process, and I was able to quickly get into and bring a lot to the character. (Reminds me actually of the Bank/B-ball spot I did earlier this year -- a job I wanted mainly because it was really, really fun.) This is the one from earlier in the week with the bad listener.

For the callback, which I really wasn't surprised to get, I was paired up with a friend from the Factory, so we already had a bit of a relationship and chemistry going before we entered the room. Being friends with your scene partner isn't necessary. A lot of times when you're working with someone who's very good and very open you can establish that feeling instantly.

But anyway, they loved us and took us both. I'm playing a snooty, pain in the ass store clerk (one, incidentally, who's "not physically intimidating or overly virile!"). So right up my alley. I did the character as a cross between Franck from Father of the Bride and the little tiny pixie of a man who cuts my hair.

So tomorrow should be a fun day of silliness and cutting up, even if it is in Iowa. And, again, pleasing the client, which is a total kick. Like the industrial shoot yesterday in Milwaukee. They'd booked the studio until 5 and we wrapped just past noon. They were very, very happy, and in spite of all the phlegm that the last remnants of this cold continue to spew from all orifi, I had a good time.

That's 7 days, 3 auditions, a callback and 2 bookings. And more, apparently, on tap for next week!

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