Monday, October 05, 2009

Bookity booked

Finally, a pleasant turn of events.

As I was packing to leave town a week ago Wednesday, I got called for an audition the next day, Thursday. I couldn't do it, so I figured that was that.

Then they called back and said the client really wanted to see me. So they scheduled me for the day after I got back. Unless they're doing callbacks, it's very unusual for the audition process to be stretched out over a week like that, let alone for the sake of one person's schedule. So I figured the job was mine.

I mean, not only that, but I've done two jobs for this client in the past. And beyond all that? Here's the role I was going out for, as depicted on their storyboards:

Look familiar?

Then when I got back I saw several other people were scheduled that day. WTF? Maybe I wasn't so special. Anyway, I was super tired and cranky and there was a ton of copy -- as a result, I don't think I gave my best and wasn't counting on getting the job.

But then my agent called today and I booked it! And it's pretty fine money, too! I have to go to Milwaukee, but it's even good money for having to go to Milwaukee.

Now I feel home again.

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