Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A booking too far

I was going for the trifecta. Three bookings in less than a week. Five of seven days spent shooting.

This last one was supposed to be a shoe-in. Apparently they really wanted me. I added up the dollars for the three jobs together and totally banked it (mentally). More money in a week than I made in three of the past five years acting.

Then I blew it. Or maybe I didn't blow it. Who knows? But I was up against just one other guy, so that kinda stings.

It was an odd one, though. Very last-minute, not a lot of info. And the actual "audition" was held in a corner of a hotel lobby, with various passersby and groups stopping to chat. It was very distracting, and I was more than a little self-conscious. I was supposed to be a frustrated, angry traveler, but I think I just couldn't give them everything they wanted. Not there and not also how I felt.

I got the call on the train ride home and that's when the exhaustion hit. Friday, up before 5 and driving to Milwaukee to shoot, the driving back then out and up late. Saturday errands and chores and flying to Des Moines and up late again. Sunday a long shoot day and flying back and getting in and getting settled and staying up late once again. Only to hit the door Monday morning with another audition, bookended by the other one in the afternoon, with prep time and memorizing in between.

Again, maybe it wasn't me at all. I met the other guy and maybe they just liked his look better.

On the bright side, when I got home I realized he's actually someone that another actor/businessperson contact of mine has been wanting to hook me up with, as our fields kind of overlap. And I won't have to spend the next three days shooting out at O'Hare, which is sort of a relief. I can get a little work (and sleep) done.

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