Friday, October 09, 2009

As seen on daguerreotype

My turn as the Great Emancipator opens this weekend, just a few weeks after I recorded it.

It's for an exhibition at the Chicago History Museum called Abraham Lincoln Transformed, part of a series of events and exhibits related to the Lincoln bicentennial. This one focuses on the evolution in his thinking on slavery.

I provide the voice of Lincoln in a short film. I read selections both from famous speeches and documents (like the Emancipation Proclamation) as well as private letters he wrote to friends and associates.

It was a hell of a responsibility, but they had confidence I was the right guy for the job. At points I was concerned that the accent and the voice wasn't accurate or good enough. But, of course, no one knows exactly what Lincoln sounded like. The most important thing, they said, was a voice that not only captured the spirit and intent of his words but was pleasant to listen to.

I look forward to seeing/hearing the final product. Admission this weekend -- Saturday and Sunday -- is just one thin Lincoln penny. And it runs through April 12.

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