Wednesday, September 30, 2009


That was me, just 8 hours ago. And not just the hot tub. It was actually warm enough to be in the pool. (Albeit a heated pool.)

And though the flight was superfast, helped along by the jet stream, and the CTA ride in was relatively uneventful, I'm experiencing some reentry pains.

First, the noise. I always sleep with a noise machine and/or air conditioner going, just to drown out the street and building noise. I had none of that in New Mexico and was amazed that I didn't need it. Now I'm back to dogs barking and doors slamming and drunks (and even non-drunks) yelling.

Second, the crowds. There are SO many people around. And the line at the CVS to buy milk seemed insane, though it was normal for here.

Third, the random daily irritants. My CTA card is apparently not working, so something to add to the short week's to-do list. My TV for whatever reason was losing its volume. I thought the remote was stuck, so I removed the batteries. Then I removed the batteries from all the remotes. And still the little green vertical dashes on the screen would go down, down, down and finally disappear off the left side. I thought maybe someone with a remote across the street was fucking with me. But even with me and the blinds blocking the TV, it still did it. After some fiddling it somehow got fixed, but that was weird.

And now tomorrow an audition with three pages of script. Pilates class. Grocery store. Phone calls. Invoices. Bills. Etc., etc., etc.

There is one good thing, I suppose. Thanks to technology, all my photos are done. No developing, no uploading, no captioning. All complete!

And my home is clean ... and I can finally watch Mad Men on Demand. Good things ...

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