Monday, September 21, 2009


This is the one I've been eagerly anticipating. It's about the funniest thing I've done, and I'm really pleased at how well it turned out after what was a pretty fun morning of shooting.

They even used some of my material! The original script was something like, "Make it out to all-day Darrin. What? I can shoot?" But we had the time and I just kept making stuff up, including the Titanic bit, which I completely forgot about.

They also had me handing him all kinds of other stuff -- toasters, oars and other weird stuff. Thought they might use that as a tag or something at the end, but I guess there was just too much gold to choose from!

It's really nice to have a commercial spot that I can be, you know, really proud of. I mean, I can be both seen AND heard (my best 'til now have been one or the other), and it's not cheesy (no turkey carving or pretend families). Feels good.

PS: I hate that this blogger template cuts off wide-screen videos and don't feel like making a second version of it for YouTube, so people can just follow this link to see the "whole" thing. (All of me is in there, at least.)

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