Wednesday, September 30, 2009

19th Nervous Breakdown

It happens at some point on every trip. Usually toward the end. The result of fatigue, perhaps, or overconfidence maybe. Either way leading to carelessness and stupidity and ultimately causing eruptions of anger, frustration, forlornness and near-tears.

That was my last 24 hours. It started with a malfunctioning printer at the hotel in Santa Fe, thus leaving me with sketchy directions to Taos. Combine that with New Mexico's odd habit of not always marking roads and streets. And I don't mean back roads and dirt paths, I mean major state highways.

So there's the getting lost, which always sucks. Then checking into Taos and finding the hotel's Internet is down. And walking around town late on a Monday night trying to find a decent place to eat. (And actually, one highpoint of the day was this beautiful little place right next to my hotel that made the best Indian food I've ever had!)

Then there's searching around for an Internet cafe in the morning. Then there's Taos Pueblo, one of several must-see pueblos in the state. Turns out it was the eve of the Feast of San Geronimo, meaning no tours and no photos of any kind. It was still cool seeing it but, of course, I'm all about the documentation.

So after a long day of touring and driving I decide to return to Santa Fe to the hotel that was so awesome. Only thing is, this time I didn't get the balcony with a view from the top floor. I got no-balcony ground floor. I splurged for nothing. I could be staying at a Hampton Inn for half the price. (Though I will take advantage of the pool and hot tub in the morning.)

Then tonight I walked about 2 miles in order to go less than a quarter mile, tracing a giant circle of lostness around my ultimate dinner destination.

Ugh, ugh, ugh. Very frustrating.

All the same, though, I'd trade a bad here for a good day in most other places.

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