Friday, March 07, 2008

Who's got a warmth problem?

Not this guy!
So I had a callback today for that job I thought I screwed the pooch on. Due to my alleged lack of warmth. But it turns out I was warm enough. Or, more likely, good at faking it.

And it was a total small-world thing. They were pairing men and women as co-hosts/narrators. The first woman I was paired with, we did a casino commercial together a couple of years ago. The second woman, we shot an industrial together last year, right in that very studio where we auditioned today. And a third one came in -- I've run into her dozens of times at auditions and I think neither of us knows each other's names.
Anyway, not only did I get the callback, but ... I got the gig? No. Put on hold? No. Put on check avail? No.

I got called back. Again. (Again.) Who does two callbacks for jobs like this? Hardly anyone. The only other time I got called back more than once was for a job that was an absolute nightmare. 

But these people seem cool, so I don't mind coming out again. If only it wasn't, like so many of these jobs, smack in the middle of nowheresville ...

(Actual Photo. This is not Gaza City.)

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