Friday, March 28, 2008

Weekend 2

I never know if/when friends will show up to my shows. It seems to vary a lot. Once in a while, nobody comes at all -- like if it's just a single night or in a far off location or if I haven't promoted it a lot. Other times, tons come out. I had 25 people come to see a show the year before last. And, of course, when they're really "my" shows -- things I write and produce -- the turnout's even bigger. But generally there seems to be no rhyme or reason to the number of attendees.

And many of them are like me. They don't want to commit in advance because you never know what you're going to feel like doing that night, right?

Anyway, I hope anyone at all -- friend or stranger -- comes out this weekend. Apparently the books are a little light. It would be great to have big crowds for the reviewers.

The worst is canceling a show just before curtain. That's happened a few times, usually on Sundays. I hope we can get all our performances in. I'm never nervous about performing, but I do get anxious thinking about attendance. I don't mind performing for small crowds -- some of my best shows have been for 3 or 4 people. But I still feel bad for them -- some people are self conscious in a mostly empty theater.

Enough of that. I did re-read the play this week, which sounds dumb, because we've been performing it over and over for weeks now. But I'm offstage for a couple of parts and, even when on-stage, there's a lot of business we have to attend to while others are in the spotlight. So it was a good exercise. I've got some ideas for deepening, sharpening and freshening a few things.

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